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Light Vehicle
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GEG oils are produced in Europe most modern plant . State-of-the-art production facilities allow the production of synthetic and semi-synthetic motor oils, gear oils, greases and technical fluids, the most modern in the world.

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Formulated to provide maximum protection

The improved performance of these lubricants, thanks to the components of modern technology and top quality base oils, allow to recommend them both for modern vehicles than those with high mileage. The quality of these products is confirmed and approved by the norms and standards of the main global manufacturer.


GEG catalog:
Engine oil for light and commercial vehicles, Greases, Coolant and other fluids.


GEG is a synonym for high technology and innovation across Europe and Africa. GEG products are approved by major international automakers.

The main GEG product range is produced at the factories in Spain and Hungary. Unique technologies allow the production of high quality oils for different types of machinery and equipment.


Industrial and Speciality catalog:
Find all you product you need in this catalog, don't hesitate to contact one of a technicien if you have any questions

Industrial Lubricant & Greases

The product range all types of industrial oils, specialites oils, greases and technical fluids for all market segments.

The company  operates in Europe, Southeast Asia and Africa. The brand is present in more than 22 countries.